Tuesday, February 28, 2017

How is GPS Technology Impacting Today’s Businesses

While consumer applications of GPS technology usually dominate the headlines, it’s the business applications that have transformed the ability of organizations to compete, whether they are small businesses or multinational corporations.

Once, you may have paid several hundred dollars for a single GPS unit to provide directions and traffic reports. Today, emboldened by decreasing costs and increasing power, GPS comes with everything from smartphones to route plan systems.

In fact, GPS has become so ubiquitous in business software, it sometimes goes unnoticed. From advanced shipping and delivery routing to just-in-time inventory systems, GPS is now often more of a component of business software than a separate application. Route planner GPS systems are also a staple of the latest tech developments.

Improved Efficiency and Cost Savings

Most businesses recognize the intrinsic efficiency that comes with GPS technology and route planner optimizers. Planned routes, easy changes, and detailed directions save time and fuel.

UPS famously saved 10 million gallons of gas from 2004-2014 simply by optimizing their delivery routes so drivers didn’t have to turn left as often. That small change reduced vehicle idling time, and the routes were more efficient. That’s a lot of money saved, not to mention the decreased vehicle emissions.

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